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We're Moving to Santa Clara
We're Moving to Santa ClaraPacific Wealth Advisors is expanding to Santa Clara. Mark your calendars and change your address books because we are moving to beautiful new office space in Santa Clara, California. After eight years in Palo Alto, we have located some wonderful space in Santa Clara. Directly across the street from Santa Clara University, the new space is three times the size of our current offices. Previously occupied by a law firm, the new office has been outfitted with the latest technology.

Spring Renewal for the Economy
SpringtimeThe seeds of growth in the economy have taken root underneath all the snow and ice. Several recent data points underlie our optimism. The latest edition of the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book, which is essentially a “window on main street,” provided a positive assessment of the U.S. economy and still characterized growth as “modest to moderate,” despite significant weather impacts.

View Your Account Online
LPL's MyAccountViewOnline.comAccess your LPL account information online at www.myaccountviewonline.com.
  • View your account balance
  • View the transactions that have occurred in your account
  • Download your statements in .pdf
  • Turn off your paper statements
  • Download account information into Quicken
  • And much more

Do all this and more within the one website. It's mobile friendly and can be viewed on tablets and phones in addition to desktop PCs.

Go Green! Become a friend of the environment by keeping paper down to a minimum. You can now turn off your paper Statements and Trade Confirms online.

2014 Outlook - Economy & Markets

2014 Farmer's AlmanacIn 2014, portfolios are likely to enjoy more independence from policymakers than in 2013, when the markets and media seemed to obsess over policymakers’ actions both here and abroad. This could be seen throughout 2013, during the government shutdown and debt ceiling debacle, the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) mixed messages on tapering its aggressive bond-buying program, the bank bailout and elections in Europe, and the unprecedented government stimulus referred to as 'Abenomics' in Japan, among many other examples.

In the year ahead, there are many reasons investors can return to the basics of growing and preserving their portfolios and spend less time gauging the actions of policymakers, including:

  • After two 'clean' lifts to the debt ceiling since 2011, which ensured any risk of default on Treasury obligations was avoided, we are unlikely to see concessions in exchange for a third increase in 2014 -- making a high stakes fiscal battle unlikely.
  • The Fed is likely to begin to taper its bond-purchase program, known as quantitative easing (QE), early in 2014, signaling a commitment to reducing its presence in the markets and transitioning to a post-QE environment.
  • Europe is emerging from recession, which means less need for direct life support from the European Central Bank (ECB) or painfully austere fiscal policy as deficit targets are eased.

The economy and markets becoming more independent of policymakers while growth accelerates is likely to bolster investor confidence in the reliability and sustainability of the investing environment.

Jeff Yoakum Joins Pacific Wealth Advisors in Palo Alto, CA
Jeff Yoakum Announcement

Pacific Wealth Advisors announced today that Jeff Yoakum joined the Palo Alto, California investment management and planning firm as of November 1st, 2013 as Managing Director. Jeff has more than 20 years of experience helping individuals and families plan for the future, manage their investments and provide financial advice and guidance.

"It's great to have Jeff on board. His vast experience will be a tremendous asset to the firm," stated Tom Berry, Managing Partner.

Making Deposits to Your Account

checkwritingThe most efficient way to make a deposit into your LPL account is to send a check directly to LPL Financial.  This also holds true for Stock Certificates. Call us if you are unsure of the amount you can deposit in particular accounts (IRA, Roth, SEP IRA, etc.)

If you have an account directly held at a Mutual Fund company.  The best way to make a deposit is to send it directly to the Mutual Fund company.  Call us if you don't have the information for a particular company.



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