Why Use PWA As Your Financial Advisor

We know that you have a broad choice when it comes to selecting a wealth advisor.  There are a number of other individuals and companies that provide various financial management services and in various ways.  We are proud of our values and skills that we describe below.  We hope this is what you are looking for in a trusted advisor.

A Boutique Firm: We Care

We are a boutique firm: We don't have hundreds of clients.  In fact, we don't want hundreds of clients.  We enjoy an intimate relationship with our clients because getting involved with someone's finances takes a lot of trust and personal interaction.  Does your current financial professional truly know you and care about your financial well being?  If you have a financial professional at a large firm ask yourself, "How many clients does my financial advisor have?"  Or, "Why haven't I heard from my financial advisor?"  On the basis of the quality of the service which you will receive, and the care and attention to detail that we devote to each client and situation, we believe our service is superior.

All representatives of the Firm are present to serve you, to hand hold, to answer your questions, and to assist you with your financial needs.

Independent and Objective

We are an independent Registered Investment Advisor without any sales or marketing quotas or product gimmicks.  In fact, none of our principals came out of a sales or marketing organization.  We are analytical, objective and independent advice givers.  We try to construct the best solution for a given client and their family.  We selected LPL Financial, the largest independent broker/dealer in the U.S., to affiliate with.  (Find out more about LPL Financial here).  Being independent means that we never have to provide any products or services based on special deals, compensation, or requirements to be in a program.  We want to provide great service for a great value.

The Opposite of Sales: Analytical & Prudent

We believe it starts with the background of your Advisor.  Did your financial professional start his or her career as a stock broker or insurance salesman?  Were they trained in sales, and all the sales techniques from those careers?  Our principals were business executives, analytical professionals, and consultants (see Our Team).  We were so turned off by sales-oriented financial professionals that we started our own Wealth Advisory firm.  As professionals, we knew that other professionals like us didn't want to be sold financial products, didn't want to worry about paying more in fees than we should be, didn't want to have to worry that we weren't getting objective, appropriate advice.  At the same time, we wanted high quality advice from educated, experienced and prudent advisors.

So we left our jobs in corporate America and started Pacific Wealth Advisors, LLC in 2007 based on honesty and transparency.  On education and open information.  We find that people are comfortable paying for financial services and advice when they know they are receiving value in return.

Holistic Wealth Management

You can find a broad spectrum of financial professionals in the marketplace today.  Some focus on brokerage services, or insurance, or financial planning.  Many specialize in a particular area because it reflects their background and experience.  We encourage you to read an article from FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, which provides an overview of financial professionals. (FINRA article).  At PWA, because of our broad backgrounds in many financial specialties, we have created a business model that allows us to provide holistic objective wealth management advice that is independent from how that advice is implemented.  Consequently, that allows us to consider your holistic financial situation when providing advice or implementing a solution.  Ask yourself, Is my financial advisor only interested in investing my money?  Or, Why does my financial advisor recommend that I buy more insurance?  At PWA, we wear the various hats available and are not pigeon holed into providing solutions that only fit a specialized business practice.  Our broad business model allows us to provide the pros and cons, the costs and benefits, and the opportunity costs of taking various actions.  So we are able to provide this advice within the context of your holistic financial picture.

A Team of Professionals

How do you find a good doctor? dentist? or lawyer?  Usually, you ask friends and colleagues if they could recommend someone they like, respect and with whom they are satisfied.  At PWA, in addition to our team, we take the time to cultivate relationships with various professionals to create our holistic wealth management network.  We have relationships with attorneys, CPAs, bankers, mortgages lenders/brokers and real estate agents.  None of our relationships involve any compensation arrangements.  We only work with professionals that provide a valuable service to their clients and don't need a compensation arrangement to exist.  We are always looking for additional professionals to round out our service matrix or geographic coverage for our clients.  In addition, we engage numerous professionals or service firms that provide valuable services to our clients.  For example, we engage LPL Financial to provide account services, and to provide a team of professionals on various topics from trust services to economic research.  We also engage various resources from firms such as Morningstar, S&P, and other firms in various financial areas.  Each of these relationships and professionals are selected with our clients’ best interests in mind.


We understand that selecting a wealth advisor to help build and preserve your financial future is an important decision. That’s why we want to help you make this decision.  FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, offers a comprehensive article about selecting investment professionals, discussing both the different types of professionals in the field and providing a list of questions to ask during your evaluation process (FINRA article).  Within our FAQs you will find our answers to these questions.

If you would like further information about Pacific Wealth Advisors, please call us at (650) 353-4702, email us at contact@pacwealthadvisors.com, or set up a consultation with this form.

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