Our Values

Our Values provide the foundation and bedrock of who we are.

At PWA we aspire to display the following values when working with all our clients:


Trust – Our #1 priority is to establish a personal, committed relationship with you based on honesty, openness, and confidentiality.

Integrity – Plain and simple, we always try to do the right thing for you. Our firm is based on the highest ethical principles which come from strong family backgrounds. Your well-being is paramount and drives our processes, analyses, communications and advice.

Objectivity – One of the greatest assets we bring to your financial life is the fact that we are removed from your situation. We can be more objective than you can. We believe in making decisions based on research, rather than pursuing what is temporarily popular or superficially appealing. As an independent firm, we can provide advice and recommendations which are free from the demands of larger financial companies.

Professionalism – Our employees are highly educated and have broad experience in the financial industry. We also value continuing education to remain current with the most effective financial techniques and products. This allows us to offer you superior investment advice. Our professionals maintain strict confidence on all client discussions, information and all advice provided.

Initiative – Procrastination is the most common reason many individuals never achieve their financial goals. It is our job to encourage you to spend time planning, and take action to implement once you have made a decision.

Relationship – We place the highest value on our relationships, and want to serve you, your family and your friends. We work with you to define and accomplish your goals by knowing who you are, and what your financial, life and family goals are.

Excellence – We are committed to providing outstanding quality in the advice we provide, the planning we undertake, the products that we recommend, and the service that we provide. Having dedicated, smart, and caring professionals at PWA delivers excellence to you.

Discipline – We maintain a disciplined approach to communicating with you, reviewing your financial plans, continuous investment research and asset allocation management to help maintain optimal and healthy portfolios for you.

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