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Investment Planning & Management

No one has a crystal ball. No one can consistently forecast the direction of the stock markets, interest rates or the response of the financial markets to changes in our global economy. We at Pacific Wealth Advisors do believe that with proper investment planning and management, consistent returns can be achieved targeting various  goals. Research has shown that over time, performance is primarily a result of asset class allocation and not specific security selection or market timing.

How Can PWA Help?

Your PWA consultant will employ a four-step investment planning and management process to best advise you and offer portfolio advice:

Step 1 – Understand You

We will help create a clear picture of your complete financial situation, current and future goals and the financial needs that your goals require. We also help define your tolerance for risk and timeframe for your investments.

Step 2 – Select an Investment Strategy

At PWA, we develop a customized investment strategy for you based upon your liquidity, capital growth and income needs. We determine the proper balance of equities, bonds, cash and alternative investments to improve performance while minimizing risk. We take a holistic approach to this process, evaluating all of your assets along the investment spectrum, regardless of whether or not PWA manages them.  Additional strategies are identified, such as monthly income generation, tax aware, socially responsible, diversified plus, alpha focused and more.

Step 3 – Execute Your Investment Strategy

Once your Investment Strategy is in place, PWA will conduct research and carefully select managers and investments and portfolios that best suit your needs.  Selections may include the services of an overlay portfolio manager, economic strategist, separate account manager, third party asset manager and more. 

Step 4 – Monitor Your Portfolio

PWA will monitor your portfolio on an ongoing basis.  Automatic rebalancing, tactical or strategic adjustments, and periodic or sector changes may be made or recommended at various times throughout the year, to help it remain on track with your investment plan. Your dreams may change. Your risk tolerance may change. We check on these elements too, so you can rest assured that your portfolio is aligned with your current investment goals and objectives.

Contact Us About Investment Planning and Management

Whether part of a comprehensive Financial Plan or as a separate Investment Plan, we are here to assist you in designing a strategy that fits with your personal and financial goals. If you would like further information about Pacific Wealth Advisors, please call us at (650) 353-4702, email us at contact@pacwealthadvisors.com, or set up a consultation with this form.

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