Charitable Planning & Giving

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give."
- Winston Churchill

For more than two centuries, Americans have been dedicating a share of their resources to make life better for others. Many people start giving because of tax benefits or school commitments but then discover the personal satisfaction that only philanthropy can provide. But why do we make charitable gifts? The reasons are varied and unique to each individual:

Personal Reasons

  • Interest in creating a legacy
  • Feel strongly about a cause
  • Giving back to the community
  • Personal experience with an organization
  • Response to a request
  • Religion or spirituality
  • Keep family close and in contact
  • Pass on tradition of giving to children and grandchildren

Financial Reasons

  • Tax benefits
  • Control the transfer of wealth
  • Circumstances/life event (business sale, inheritance, retirement, etc.)
  • Have multiple charitable interests and desire to simplify and streamline your giving to them

Charitable giving can be an integral part of any client's financial and estate plan, and we can help you reach your charitable giving goals meaningfully and effectively.

How Can PWA Help?

Philanthropy is most rewarding for you and for those to whom you give when practiced effectively. We invites you to explore the areas below so that your charitable giving meets not only your philanthropic goals, but is integrated with your financial and personal goals as well. PWA offers guidance to our clients in all areas of giving from donor advised funds, to charitable remainder trusts to private foundations.

Here are some key guidelines:

  • Plan your giving to maximize its impact .
  • Follow your passion to give your philanthropy personal meaning.
  • Put your philanthropy into practice with effective follow-through.
  • Explore the many ways to give to your favorite cause.
  • Find out about the benefits of giving.
  • Understand the different tax deductions for charitable gifts.
  • Compare your charitable giving options.
  • Work with trust specialists to outline charitable benefits for various parties.
  • Consider charitable giving as a way to create family cohesion during and after your lifetime.

Consider the following facts:

  • 89 percent of households give.1
  • The average annual contribution for contributors is $1,620.1
  • According to Giving USA, American giving reached a record high in 2006, with donations totaling $295-billion, an increase of 1 percent after inflation.2,4
  • Giving to the arts and education saw donations rise more than 6 percent in 2006.2,4
  • 86 percent of wealthy donors said they are most motivated to give by the notion of "meeting critical needs" and 83 percent said "giving back to society" is motivational.5
  • 80 percent of wealthy donors surveyed said they are most likely to make contributions to educational organizations, with religious (72%) and health organizations (70%) following in popularity.5
  • In 2006, 83 percent of total contributions came from donations from individuals, including bequests.2
  • There are approximately 1,010,400 charitable organizations in the United States.3
  • There are approximately 355,000 religious congregations.3
  • The largest sources of nonprofits revenue and support are comprised of: Dues, fees and charges (37.5%); Government Support (31.3%); Private Contributions (19.9%); and Miscellaneous revenue (11.4%).3

Sources: 1. Giving & Volunteering in the United States 2001, Independent Sector 2. Giving USA 2007 3. Internal Revenue Service 4. The Chronicle of Philanthropy 5. The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University

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